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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (Spain)

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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) is a strategic partner of the lead organization, University of Málaga (UMA). Both partners creates the ETC/SIA core team in collaboration with

UAB is a public institution and a leader university in Spain. With its 2.800 professors and 40.000 students, the UAB has been a pioneering institution in terms of environmental studies. The Spanish Degree in Environmental Sciences was first established at the UAB in 1992 and is now recognised nationally. The UAB has a proven record of environmental awareness and was the first University to launch a Local Agenda 21 (September 1999). Its participation in this process will continue until the end of 2001, making it possible to consolidate the advances in environment quality made at the UAB and its campus.

The University has just set up the Institute of the Environment (IUMA), continuing the successful work of the former CEA (Centre for Environmental Studies), which responded to the needs and demands of local and regional authorities in terms of environmental studies and assessment.

The UAB-ETC/SIA team collaborates closely with another UAB organisation: CREAF (Centre for Ecology and Forestry Applications). This is one of the leading Spanish centres in this field and in GIS development for land planning and management, as well as nature protection.

Contact details

Jaume Fons
Department of Geography
Facultat de Lletres, Edifici B
08193 - Bellaterra
Barcelona, Spain
tel: +34 93 581 3520
fax: +34 93 581 3545, e-mail: jaume.fons@uab.cat