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Corine Land Cover 2006

The European Environment Agency is committed to support the spatial data requirements of European and global development initiatives, including key thematic strategies on marine systems and soils, with particular attention to land-use changes in ecologically sensitive areas and protection of soils (EEA Strategy 2004-2008).

The implementation of CLC2006 focussed mainly on the identification and mapping of land cover changes between 2000 and 2006. All land cover changes bigger than 5 ha have been mapped, regardless of location. As in previous years, the work was a shared approach between EEA and EEA member countries. While the image production was centrally organised, the land cover mapping was done in the EEA member states to benefit from local knowledge.

CLC2006 has been implemented as part of the European wall-to-wall land cover / land use component of the LMCS.

CLC2006 Production finished on 36 out 39 countries

CLC2006 technical documentation:

Date of map: September 2010 (click map to enlarge)

CLC2006 milestones and boundary conditions Applications and literature on Corine Land Cover
Background information on Corine Land Cover


- The CLC2006 production has been successfully finalised in 36 out of 39 countries. 5.438 million square kilometres have been mapped since May 2007. Countries still in progress are UK and Switzerland (own funding). Greece unfortunately was not able to start production.
The European raster database will be available soon from the EEA data service.

- Directorate General Enterprise and Industry and the GMES Bureau are organising an exhibition on the Urban Atlas from 15th till 30th April 2010 at the Berlaymont Piazza in Brussels. The Urban Atlas is a digital mapping tool providing pan-European, reliable and inter-comparable urban planning data.
The data sets and maps can be downloaded from the EEA Urban Atlas website. Additionally, the maps can also be seen through a map viewer, which will be gradually complemented with additional areas.

- The enhanced soil sealing database is currently being validated by the ETC LUSI. Results will be made available on this web site.

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