Examples of ETC-LUSI thematic priorities.
  • Country area: 131,990 km2
  • National Authority: Ministry of Environment Physical Planning and Public Works
  • Contracted organisation: Hellenic Mapping and Cadastral Organisation (HEMCO)
  • Project manager: Annie Katsina


  • Project started: August 2003
  • 1st verification: 26-28 July 2004
  • 2nd verification: 24-26 November 2004

We present you here some basic information on Corine Land Cover 2000 for Greece, in concrete, the national map and the statistics on changes from Corine Land Cover 90.

Corine Land Cover 2000 of Greece

|  National CLC map  |

Other CLC national maps

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These are the changes on land use and land cover for Greece between CLC 90 and CLC 2000.
|  Changes from CLC90 to CLC2000  |

|  Changes from CLC90 to CLC2000  |

Top five changes for Greece

 Area (ha)   Land cover 1990   Land cover 2000 
38261312 Coniferous forest 324 Transitional woodland shrub
22133311 Broad-leaved forest 324 Transitional woodland shrub
19660324 Transitional woodland shrub 311 Broad-leaved forest
16817211 Non-irrigated arable land 212 Permanently irrigated land
9982 212 Permanently irrigated land 213 Rice fields

Other changes statistics by country

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